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One thing we know for sure is change will continue and at a rate that is faster than ever. It requires individuals to hold a growth mindset to embrace and adapt to the changes in the workplace. AZMiller works with organizations to understand their change needs and create processes for employees to prepare them by becoming aware of the changes, understand what and how to prepare and plan, develop necessary skills/knowledge to adapt to new processes, methods, structural changes and strategies required to stay competitive. This involves the use of a number of tools, models, and communications strategies, involving employees at all levels of the organization to understand the changes, role model the new behaviors, and reinforce the desired behaviors.

Utilizing solid organization design processes, AZMiller can work with your organization’s leadership team to take their goals, identify and create a strategy that will achieve those goals, then walk them through the design of an organizational structure and systems to support it.

Conversational leadership involves the use of creativity, consistent process, and focus on the engagement of others. It addresses critical issues in the workplace today, requiring a courageous and humble leader. These are the conversations that often avoided become “the elephants in the room” or organization. AZMiller can coach leaders in understanding how they can learn from the engagement of their direct or skip level employees and intentionally address essential conversations that form impressions leading to employee understanding, behaviors and actions.

All consulting engagements come with professional coaching to the direct client. In addition, AZMiller Consulting offers one-on-one coaching and mentoring utilizing the Wainright method. AZMiller coaches with a practical, inspirational style, working to develop the client in achieving specific professional goals, while living an inspired, fulfilling life.

AZMiller assesses and analyzes the current situation, then concurrent with the client, develops the objectives desired. Whether it is one off-site or an ongoing development plan to work toward creating a high performing leadership team, we will design and facilitate a creative, interactive, and high energy process. Current tools based on the work of Patrick Lencioni, Brene’ Brown, and many other leadership guru practices are integrated into the process, along with activities that can include anything from practice exercise in the form of cake decorating to obstacle courses. These are not your run-of-the-mill learning experiences. Leadership coaching is always a part of AZMiller’s customized consulting projects.

Today’s ever-changing global economy, combined with multiple generations in the workplace, requires organizations to transform their culture. This requires people to begin changing their behaviors and attitudes. Since culture is the collective beliefs and habits of the people in an organization, AZMiller works with all levels of the organization to transform cultures by facilitating personal transformation in individuals. This is designed with the organizational vision in sight, cultural norms identified and implemented with strong support from the leadership team and with key influencers throughout the organization to infuse energy and optimism along the way.

AZMiller has developed a “New Leader Integration” process where a new leader’s practices and style become the focal point for a dialogue among the leader’s team members. This series of intense discussions leads to a clearer understanding of the style, expectations, and generally smoother, more productive working relationships. The new leader integration accelerates the team formation process and compresses months of getting-to-know-you into a few highly charged hours. This process speeds up the assimilation of the new leader, which in turn improves productivity and reduces unproductive tension created by misunderstandings. The bond between new leaders and their team is strengthened. No new leader can afford to miss out on this opportunity.



Anne brings more than three decades of experience in the areas of training and organization development, leader and team development, employee engagement, culture transformation, change management, organization design, strategic planning, new leader assimilations, and professional coaching. She also led a major chemical giant’s regional Women in Manufacturing (WiM) programs, focusing on Female Leaders Achieving Manufacturing Excellence. Her energy, passion and enthusiasm have been instrumental in creating impressive development engagements, resulting in higher performing organizations.


Her experience spans from working with major domestic and global manufacturing companies, domestically and abroad, various business units, manufacturing sites, as well as the functional support groups. Anne relates well to all levels of the organization from operating technician to President and CEO. Her approach is authentic, creative and always high energy. Anne’s work with transforming organizational culture has resulted in higher performing leaders and teams, improved employee engagement, continuous process improvement, efficiencies, and organic growth over years.


A Master Trainer, former internal and now, external consultant, Anne has earned more than 30 training certifications. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Detroit, and Master of Arts degree in Human Resources Development from Marygrove College.


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